Anticipation is contagious. Everybody's excited about something and countdown clocks are a fun way to share that excitement. Whether it's a birthday, gallery opening, concert or clearance sale, I wanted to offer an elegant way to share and build excitement around the event. Counting Down To allows you to customize a countdown clock specifically for your event and then share it with the world. You can publish your countdown on our site, or, we can give you a small snippet of HTML code which you can copy and paste into your website to embed the countdown. It works the same as embedding a video from YouTube.

Bruce Pomeroy CountdownsHello, I'm Bruce. I built the first version of in 2011 as a fun, personal project. I thought the countdown clock was a fun tool to build and I wanted to let people share the feeling of anticipation and excitement. The system has grown and evolved over the years and I still get a real thrill out of seeing the countdowns people create out there on the internet. I'm proud to maintain the site and provide technical support - I'm the guy who gets the messages you send using the site contact form and I'm the one who'll be helping you if your countdown isn't looking quite right or you're having trouble getting it to work with a particular publishing platform.

I live and run Counting Down To from Squamish, BC, Canada. The mountains are beautiful here, so when I'm not working on Counting Down To or nerding out with some other web project I like to get out in the mountains for a hike or a bike ride. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions relating to this site or have some other web project you're excited about and you'd like to discuss. You can get in touch using the contact page on this website - or, even better, why not send me a postcard?

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You can also email me at [email protected] or find me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy the rest of your day!